Monday, August 20, 2012

August Is Cataract Awareness Month!

Did you know that August is Cataract Awareness Month?! Just what is a cataract anyway? A cataract is a clouding of the natural, crystalline lens inside the eye. The lens sits just in back of our pupil in front of the retina. It helps to focus light on the retina, and helps us to change our focus when we look at things up close.

Everyone who lives long enough will get a cataract! Some people get them much younger than other people, and the amount of trouble the cataract causes you and your vision is what determines when you need to have surgery. The only way to treat a cataract is to remove it surgically. As of this time in history there isn't any way to really prevent a cataract from ever growing in your eye. It seems as if the only way to slow cataract growth is to protect your eyes from UV light when you are young, and to not smoke.

Our cataract surgeon is Dr. Darrell White. Dr. White is one of the most experienced cataract surgeons in all or Northeast Ohio. Our Advanced Lifestyle Lens Implant program is the leader in the use of lens implants to reduce your need to wear glasses after having your cataracts out. In face, Dr. White was the first surgeon in Ohio to implant the Crystalens, the first of the new wave of implants designed to correct not only distance vision, but also reading vision, without wearing glasses!

Once your cataract is removed it will never come back! Cataracts are a very treatable cause of decreased vision as we get older. If you or a family member have been told that you have a cataract, it's a very treatable problem with very good results! Here in Northeast Ohio we are blessed to have many very fine cataract surgeons, including our own Dr. White!

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  1. Cataracts can be pretty scary. A few months ago my mom rapidly developed one in her left eye. They think it was probably hereditary, which is obviously pretty nerve wracking to my brother and I. She is about to have cataract surgery in san diego and we are all pretty nervous about how it will go. It is definitely interesting ready about how eventually everyone will get a cataract. It is pretty reassuring to hear that they are extremely treatable and the results are very good.