Friday, August 10, 2012

High Tech Dry Eye Care

Dry Eye Syndrome is the cause of more visits to the eye doctor than anything except routine vision exams. People with dry eye may have symptoms like burning, redness and blurring, to feeling like there’s something in their eye. They can even have tearing caused by dryness! Dry Eye Syndrome is so common that it is the most frequently searched eye problem on the Internet—10 times more common than LASIK!

Tear Osmolarity is the measurement of the saltiness of your tears. This test is an important measurement of the health of your tears and your eye lubrication. Tears are a complex combination of salt water, mucin, and special oil called mebum. All three of these elements are mixed, kind of like Italian salad dressing, and they form the tears that coat the surface of our eyes every minute of every day.

The measurement of your tear osmolarity is a rather new test. It's fully FDA approved. When your tear saltiness is high this is an indication that your tears are not normal. At Skyvision Centers we use the most modern instrument available, made by the TearLab Corporation, to do your test.

Why is this an important measurement? The most common cause of Dry Eye is a problem in the production of the saltwater part of your tears. This will give you a HIGH Tear Osmolarity. You can learn more about Dry Eye and Tear Osmolarity at Skyvision Centers, Northeast Ohio’s leading Dry Eye Center.   

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