Wednesday, June 20, 2012

RevitalVision Re-Boot for Dr. White

He's back at it! Dr. White changed his RevitalVision program from the Sports Vision module to Low Myopia. His goal is to reduce the amount of time he is wearing the small distance prescription left over from his LASIK 13 years ago.

"Session 0 went just fine. This is the session where the program sets itself to me, where I am and what my vision is today. It's a little long--it took me about 34 minutes, but I scored a 94 so it looks like I'm off to a good start again. I'm sure the  8 or so sessions I did on the Sports Vision module helped."

The Science Behind Revitalvision

We'll keep you posted on Dr. White's progress. Everyone is very excited about this, especially Dr. White. He is even going to give an internet seminar on the subject for other eye doctors in August so he is VERY motivated to do well!

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