Thursday, June 21, 2012

Choosing a Cataract Implant

You've just been told that you have a cataract and that changing your glasses will not make you see any better. The only way you can get better vision is by having cataract surgery. At this point there are two very important questions that you must answer. Number one: when do I wish to see better? As soon as the answer is NOW it's time schedule cataract surgery!

Now you have to answer question number two. Do I want to have to wear glasses? If I DO have to wear glasses after my cataract surgery, WHEN do I want to need to wear glasses? If you really think about it, this is actually pretty cool! You've probably worn glasses for something for many, many years. Either you need to wear glasses to read, or you need to wear glasses to see things far away, like for driving, or you need to wear glasses ALL THE TIME. Now you are about to have cataract surgery and guess what? You can choose NOT to have to wear glasses! How cool is that?!

At Skyvision Centers you have three general choices. A modern, High–Tech BASIC implant will give you fantastic vision, typically much better than you saw prior to your cataract surgery. With this Basic implant you'll need to wear glasses for most, if not all of your vision needs. Our Advanced Distance Vision LIFESTYLE lens implant typically gives you fantastic vision for faraway like driving or watching television. The Advanced Far–Away and Up–Close LIFESTYLE lens implant can make it possible for you to see EVERYTHING without wearing glasses!

So, having a cataract and needing cataract surgery can actually be something very exciting. Especially if you live in Cleveland and you are a Skyvision Centers Patient!

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