Friday, March 22, 2013

A Patient-Centered Approach To Eye Emergencies


We all have an occasional medical emergency. What happens in Cleveland when you have an eye emergency? What does "same day appointments" mean, the ones that you see on the big billboards around our town? Well, here's what it means if you are a Skyvision Centers patient: you are seen by a Skyvision Centers doctor in the Skyvision Center office you know and love RIGHT AWAY!

It's very hard to know as a patient what is and what really isn't a true emergency. The staff members who answer our phones have been trained to ask you important questions to determine if you have the kind of emergency that requires you to come in on the day you have called. Curtains or shades coming over your vision? Come right in. Pain in the eye that is new and just won't go away? How fast can you get here?

How about nights and weekends? Yup...then too! Dr. White was out of town this weekend and he received a call on his personal cell phone from a patient with a family eye emergency. They were told to come right in. If you have an eye emergency at night or on the weekend a Skyvision Center eye doctor will see you even then.

If it seems like your problem is urgent but not an emergency our staff will discuss the timing of your visit, especially if we or you are very busy that day and we are trying to avoid a big wait for you. But in the end, a patient-centered approach to eye emergencies, the SKYVISION CENTERS APPROACH, is that if you are very concerned about your new eye problem we will find a way to see you that day. That's what Patient-Centered Medicine means at Skyvision.

Do you think that's what they mean on all those billboards around Cleveland?

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