Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Protect Your LASIK Investment!'ve gone and done it! You had LASIK!! You now have fantastic distance vision without wearing glasses or contact lenses. You are free to do all the stuff you love to do without having your contacts fog up or your glasses slip off your nose. Now what?

Dr. Darrell White, one of Cleveland, Ohio's most experienced LASIK surgeons tells every one of our Skyvision Centers LASIK patients that it is vitally important to protect your eyes from Ultraviolet light after Laser Vision Correction, whether you had LASIK or PRK. Not only that, but you can actually enhance your vision and your visual performance by choosing thetype of sunglasses after your LASIK.

The basic advice is the same for everyone. You have to come in at the RayBan level of UV protection. If you have a pair of RayBans, or if you have a fashion frame like Fendi or Marc Jacobs which have RayBan-like lenses, you are OK as far as UV protection goes. As you move UP the sunglass food chain the UV protection is the same but the quality of your vision is enhanced. Nike, Oakley, Kaenon...better vision and some really cool activity-specific options like the unbelievable Nike Golf Tint in their MaxTint series.

The top of the sunglasses food chain is Maui Jim. Dr. White has been known to wear multiple different Maui Jim's because he loves how they improve his vision! They are polarized, have special coatings to shed water --they were developed by surfers, after all--and they come in three distinct shades: Bronze, Gray, and Rose. They're just FANTASTIC!!

So congratulations on your LASIK. Now it's time to protect your investment, and why not see even BETTER while you're at it. Get a high quality pair of sunglasses!

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