Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daily Disposable Soft Contacts

Dr. Kaye is our contact lens expert in our Westlake, Ohio Skyvision Center. We recently asked him about advances in contact lenses, and about what his recommedations are for new contact lens patients:

"It's amazing how many new things we have in the contact lens world! More and more people can wear soft contact lenses with great vision and really good comfort. One of our major concerns is always safety. The new one-day disposable contact lenses are the safest type of soft lens yet!

Each day you open a new lens for each eye. The lens is fresh, and it comes out of its package sterile. At night you remove the lenses and throw them away. No need to clean them, and since you throw them away at night they never get a chance to wear out.

One of the problems contact lens patients can have is something called a corneal ulcer, an infection in the window of the eye. These are most often associated with poor lens cleaning, wearing the lenses overnight, or continuing to wear a lens past it's time. With daily disposables all of these potential causes for corneal infections are removed!"

If you live in Cleveland and the surrounding towns come visit Dr. Gregory Kaye at Skyvision Centers in Westlake, right across Crocker Road from Crocker Park to get fit with the latest one-day disposable contact lenses from ProClear or Ciba!

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