Friday, April 8, 2011

Stem Cells Make "Retina in a Dish"

There are so many diseases of the eye where permanent damage is done, and the loss of vision is permanent. Even more tragic are those diseases where a child never gets a chance to develop useful vision due to some inherited disorder. The eye care world is filled with compassionate researchers who seek to end these tragedies.

We recently came upon this from NATURE about growing retina cells from stem cells. Imagine if you could inject cells into the center of the macula in a person who can no longer see from macular degeneration. Or how about a 20 year old who has progressively lost useful vision from the terrible disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. How wonderful it would be to have the ability to restore sight to these people!

While this research is far from complete, and the results are not ready to go into action against disease, this type of investigation is so very hopeful in the continuous fight against the kinds of vision loss that can destroy quality of life. At Skyvision Centers we applaud these efforts, and we pledge to be Cleveland's go-to place for the latest news about saving vision!

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