Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Skyvision Customer Service Field Trip

It's time for another field trip! We have a bunch of new, really GREAT staff members who are totally on board with our Skyvision PATIENT-CENTERED concept of providing eye care. It's time for us to help them take it to a whole 'nother level, time for the unique learning experience that is the Skyvision Centers Customer Service Field Trip.

It's really hard to learn what it means to provide the very best experience that a customer of patient can receive if the only learning you ever do is someone telling you how. Or even if you only get to see it on your job from your more experienced co-workers. At Skyvision, the clear leader in customer service in all of Cleveland, we think our staff should experience for themselves what it means to receive the very best customer service there is, so we created the Customer Service Field Trip.

Now, you really can't take anyone to another medical institution or practice because you really can't top Skyvision when it comes to a patient's experience. We take our staff to 4 different consumer services experiences, 2 restaurants and 2 retail, and give them a chance to experience something that's very good and to compare it with something that's OFF THE CHARTS GOOD.

We expect our next Customer Service Field Trip to occur in early May in and around Cleveland. Look for lots of pictures here and on Facebook, the then look for more great patient experiences at Skyvision that are OFF THE CHARTS GOOD!!

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