Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bifocal Contact Lenses + RevitalVision!

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to continue to wear your contact lenses, and ONLY your contact lenses even when you get to the age when most people are wearing cheaters over their contacts? You're driving around Cleveland, maybe having lunch at Crocker Park, and you drive AND read the menu with only your contacts? We thought you'd like that idea!

Bifocal contact lenes have come a long way  in the last couple of years. For some people a "straight out of the box" fitting is all that is necessary. However, many folks find that their vision with bifocal contact lenses is just not as sharp as it is with their bifocal glasses, or even as sharp as distance contacts and cheaters. But that means wearing glasses! What to do?

Do you remember our posts about RevitalVision? RevitalVision is the computer training program that increases our ability to process the images that our eyes focus and send to the brain. Think of RevitalVision as opening up extra lanes on the "vision highway", like taking a one lane road, increasing the speed limit, and then opening up two extra lanes! RevitalVision dramatically increases our contrast sensitivity, our ability to see sharply and crisply, and this makes it easier for us to use bifocal contacts!

This is another innovation we are working on at Skyvision Centers in Westlake. Come see us if you are a contact lens wearer who might need readers and see if you can benefit from our bifocal/RevitalVision combo!

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