Thursday, September 16, 2010

Treating Astigmatism with Laser Vision Correction!

We've spent a little time talking about Astigmatism, what it is, and some of the ways we can treat it. Did you see Dr. White's video on our Youtube channel, Skyvision105? Here's a LINK to his latest "At the Dr. Whiteboard", Astigmatism 101. Be sure to check back, too--we hear there are a few bloopers that are real doozies!

If you are young, too young to have a cataract for example, the most successful way to SURGICALLY correct astigmatism is with Laser Vision Correction or LVC. There are two main types of LVC, LASIK and PRK. There's lots to learn about both of them, and we'll give you a ton of information about LASIK and PRK for all kinds of vision problems. As an introduction to LVC click on this Eyemaginations LINK for animated videos that describe  how they work.

When you have astigmatism in your prescription we can correct it, and remove your blurry vision, by putting the prescription right on the surface of your eye. We put the correction on your corneal, the window to the eye. This is a permanent correction and can be done for many types of astigmatism. You can actually choose NOT TO WEAR GLASSES after LASIK for astigmatism!

Call Skyvision Centers in Westlake, Cleveland's first truly patient-centered eyecare practice, and ask how our surgeon Dr. Darrell White can treat your astigmatism with LASIK or other LVC!

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