Friday, August 27, 2010

What Is An Implant?

We're thinking a lot about cataract surgery at Skyvision Centers recently. Cataract surgery is a very gentle experience. We do it as an outpatient procedure--you come in, get it done, and go home on the same day! You're awake for the surgery. We do it under local anesthesia because it's safer for you and better for our surgeon, Dr. White. Our anesthesia assistants will give you something through your veins to relax you, and the special drops we use numb up your eye.

The surgery itself typically takes less than 10 minutes if Dr. White is the surgeon! We remove the cataract, replace it with a clear plastic implant, and then you go home.

Wait...IMPLANT? What's an implant? Well, glad you asked! An implant is a tiny lens called an "Intraocular Lens" or IOL that is place inside the eye, usually behind your pupil, and it take the place of the cataract lens that was removed. When we discuss your cataract surgery in the office a part of the discussion is about the lens implant or IOL you will receive as part of the cataract surgery experience. Here's an Eyemaginations LINK about cataract surgery and implants.

The two basic types of cataract implants or IOL's are "Traditional" and "Lifestyle". Let's talk about Traditional implants today. A traditional implant is like the top part of your glasses, it will focus at a single distance and it will take care of much of your nearsightedness or farsightedness. Since the IOL is clear it will dramatically improve your vision, and wait until you see how bright and vibrant colors will be! Most people will wear glasses after cataract surgery using a Traditional IOL, especially for reading but also often for things like driving as well.

Cataract surgery is one of the most important and exciting medical developments EVER! If your vision is blurry from cataracts be sure to talk to us at Skyvision Centers where we use the most advanced IOL's available!

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