Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here Comes the Ragweed!

Oh oh! You heard that right...HERE COMES THE RAGWEED!! It's almost that time of year again, that time when the ragweed pollen gets released here in Cleveland and all of our allergies explode. Runny noses, itchy noses, red and itchy eyes, they're all right around the corner.

Here's how it works: the pollen is something called an ANTIGEN, a substance that turns our immune system to the "on" position. The pollen activates cells in our body that have histamine in them, and this activation causes those cells to release the histamine into our blood stream. It's the histamine that causes all of our symptoms.

So what do we do? Well, as far as your eyes are concerned we have two really good prescription eye drops that work very well. PAT-A-DAY is a one time per day eyedrop that works very well, especially if you don't have any dry eye problems. The other option is ELESTAT, a two time a day drop that works well even if you do have dry eye. We like both of them at Skyvision.

So if you have annual allergies from ragweed now is the time to come in for a visit. Don't let that pollen getcha this year!

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