Monday, August 30, 2010

Attack of the Killer Ragweed!

You can't say we didn't warn you! It's BAAAACCCKKKK!! Ragweed season is here and it's here in a big way. We've had all kinds of folks in the office already with red, itchy eyes to go with their sneezing and wheezing and runny noses.

So what to do? The best thing, of course, is to call Skvysion Centers and come in for a visit. All three of our doctors, Dr. Darrell White, Dr. Scott Schlegel, and Dr. Greg Kaye are experts in the treament of eye allergies, especially environmental allergies like Ragweed. A visit can help us determine if you need a prescription anti-histamine eye drop, a stronger steroid drop, or if you can get by with just an Over-the-Counter drop.

The two prescription drops that work the best in our opinion are ELESTAT and PAT-A-DAY, both advanced generation, multi-action anti-histamine drops. Many people find that the OTC drop ALOWAY very effective in treating itching as a symptom, even though it doesn't necessarily affect the underlying cause of the itch. We like them all!

Got red, itchy, teary eyes? Call us for an appointment!

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  1. We love Dr. David Granet's take on using Pat-a Day. "We can basically take an eraser and completely eliminate [itching] for about 2/3 of patients." An ERASER! That Dr. Granet really has a way with words.