Friday, February 22, 2013

SkyVison and CrossFit

We've had the opportunity to meet some really nice folks from Dr. White's CrossFit community, and even to do some LASIK surgery for a few! This is a really cool company that's just filled with great people. Dr. White wanted to make sure that everyone who reads this blog hears about CrossFit. Did you know that Dr. White's sons own Comet CrossFit in Amherst?! Comet Crossfit

Not only is CrossFit a fitness company, it is one of the most generous organizations in all of the United States. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised by CrossFit and CrossFitters last year in support of St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Just this month the "Hope for Kenya" fundraiser brought in more than $250,000 to build schools and water treatment facilities in Kenya.

And get this: our own Kirstin Hyland (along with Mrs. White) created a HUGE quilt in memory of Joe Lengel, the owner of CrossFit Toledo who was slain at his gym last year. Kirstin will present the quilt at CrossFit Toledo this weekend!

Take this opprotunity to learn about CrossFit  Crossfit Website

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