Thursday, February 28, 2013

Skyvision's New App - Skyvision Staff Getting In On The Fun!

Ok, so you're trying to reach your eye doctor to make an appointment or order some contact lenses. How do you do it? Phone book? Yellow pages? Google? Well, if you have an iPhone or a smartphone with the Android software (like a Droid, for example) now there's an easy way to do that, at least if you are trying to reach Skyvision Centers in Cleveland.

There's an APP for that!

The Skyvision Staff has some fun with the new app!

That's right!  Go to the Apple App store or the Google Android Market and download a FREE App for Skyvision that will allow you to contact us through your phone (without making a call!) to schedule an appointment, get a medicine refill, or ask a medical or billing question. All right from your smartphone!

We know you love your phone, and that it's convenient to do as much as possible without making a call or heading to a computer, so we've come up with a way for you to take care of all of your eyecare needs RIGHT FROM YOUR PHONE.
Yup...that's right...There's a Skyvision App for that!

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