Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kaenon Sunglasses A Hit In MLB*

It's that time of year at Skyvision! We are bringing in our new sunwear for casual and sport wear. Kaenon will be visiting us next week. Here's a story about how one Major League Baseball player is using Kaenon technology to enhance his game and his career!

Andre Ethier is a  lefty two-time All-Star outfielder playing pro ball with the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2006. He set a new Major League Baseball record in 2011 for a 23-game hitting streak in the month of April. His awards include a Gold Glove award in 2011 and a Silver Slugger Award in 2009.

EB: Why is superior optical performance critical to your sport?

ETHIER: Hitting success in baseball is all about your ability to see it, read it, and then apply a quality swing.

Sharp vision, color contrast, and detail are essential to see the pitcher's release point and quickly identify the rotation for type of pitch and location.

Frame design is always critical … not only for comfort, but wrapped, superior, and clean periphery vision is critical. My polarized sunwear combines all of these elements.

EB: Which sports sunwear style are you wearing the most right now?

ETHIER: I'm batting and playing in the outfield in Kaenon's Beacon style. I usually use the darker G12 lens tints in the outfield and switch to their lighter G28 tint when batting.

EB: What are the key features that enhance your performance?

ETHIER: The lenses I currently wear are the sharpest, most detailed lenses I've ever worn. This is the most critical feature for me. The fit and function of the frame I wear is excellent. I also love the style and like wearing a performance street design instead of the traditional jock look.

EB: Which lenses work best for your sport and why?

ETHIER: I prefer the Gray 12 (darker G12 tint) when in the field. I'm able to pick up the ball off the bat from my position in right field, track it through the stands and seats in the stadium, up into the bright sky, through the sun, and back down. The G12 is dark but not too dark.

If it's overcast in the field or a shadow creeps over the hitter and home plate, then I might switch to the lighter G28 tint. I definitely switch to the medium Dark Gray 28 when hitting. I like the very natural tint of this lens, but it picks up all the detail and contrast I'm looking for.

*From Eyecare Business

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