Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kaenon Sunglasses For Road Biking

The weather in Cleveland has been magnificent recently! Bikers are out on their road bikes all over town. While we love to see them all wearing helmets, it's also necessary to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. One of the sunglass lines we carry at Skyvision is KAENON. Here's what one pro bike racer, Ryan Sabga, had to say about his Kaenon's in Eyewear Business magazine. This professional road and track cyclist is the current National Road Race Champion. A member of Black Dog Professional Cycling, he is a National Team member plus a Six Day and World Cup racer on the track. Since returning to the sport of cycling after a five-year hiatus due to a shattered pelvis, he has earned four medals, all silver or gold, in U.S. and Trinidad and Tobago national championship competition.

EB: Why is superior optical performance critical to your sport?

SABGA: Wind and light can be major distractions when you are trying to focus on giving your maximum effort. This is especially important if you wear contact lenses, as I do. Not only do the right sunglasses help keep your lenses from drying out, but the correct tint and colors on the lenses help keep you relaxed. There is nothing worse than having to squint and wipe your eyes when you're navigating through a pack of riders at 55 kph.

EB: Which sports sunwear style are you wearing the most right now?

SABGA: Currently, I am using mostly Rudy Project's Zyon and Rydon II models. Specifically, I use the Multilaser orange lenses for the day and a variety of lenses for indoor and night races (usually racing red, a dark gray, or purple lens for night).

EB: What are the key features that enhance your performance?

SABGA: First, the frames I use fit better than any other frames I've tried. This is partly due to the custom fit of the nose and ear pieces, but the ability to see clearly out of the lenses in a variety of positions on the bike is unsurpassed. Second, the lens clarity is great and the lens shapes provide excellent coverage.

EB: Which lenses work best for you?

SABGA: In day races, I really like the Multilaser orange lenses. The contrasts of the terrain become more visible and you don't have to worry about squinting. For night and evening races on the track, I like something that doesn't obscure colors. This is especially important because in the Six Day races, every team wears a different color jersey and some colors are close. It's important to see the difference as the races can be chaotic at times.

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