Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dr. White Speaks At COS

Our Skyvision Centers eye surgeon, Dr. Darrell White, spoke at the quarterly meeting of the Cleveland Ophthalmological Society yesterday afternoon. The COS is the oldest regional ophthalmic group in the United States. Dr. White addressed the issue of treating Dry Eye and other ocular surface diseases as part of the Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery process.

"We have been intensely interested in how the ocular surface, in particular the tears, affects the quality of vision following advanced eye surgeries," said Dr. White. "Many of our laser vision correction patients and our Advanced Near & Far Implant patients are treated to maximize the health of their tears to improve the quality of their post-op experience and vision."

Dr. White went on to say that each pre-op patient who shows any evidence of tear film abnormality undergoes a full work-up, including Tear Osmolarity. As part of their peri-operative treatment they may take either Restasis or Azasite in order to increase their comfort and speed their visual recovery*.

"It takes a little more time, for us and our patients, and sometimes costs a little more for the patients, but in the end their vision is SO much better that it's definitely worth it!" added Dr. White.

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