Friday, June 17, 2011

A New Tear Drop For Dry Eye

There are two general types of Dry Eye: decreased tear volume (quantity) and decreased tear function (quality). Sometimes decreased tear quality is called "evaporative dry eye" because the tears that cover the front of the eye evaporate more quickly, and this causes the dry eye symptoms.

What your eye doctor sees when he or she looks at the front of your eye and you have poor quality tears is an early break-up of your tear film. Your tears should be smooth across the front of your eye for at least 8-10 seconds. When they break up sooner you often have symptoms like blurring, aching, or a feeling like there's something in your eye. Your Tear Osmolarity will often be normal.

A new type of artificial tear, Systane Balance, is specifically designed to stabilize your tear film. One of the early studies of this drop showed that it increases the amount of time your tears remain smooth 2.5X!! That means that you will have longer coverage from your own tears after using Systane Balance.

If you have a tear quality problem and this causes you to have Dry Eye symptoms, Systane Balance may be a part of the treatment that you get from your Skyvision Centers doctors.

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