Wednesday, June 29, 2011

e-Prescribing Comes to Skyvision Centers

Did you know that Skyvision Centers has had an Electronic Medical Records system since we opened our Westlake office? That's right, from the very beginning all of your records are securely stored electronically as soon as you leave our office. Even your pictures and test results!

Medicare and the government have declared that medical practices of all kinds must now begin to send your prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy or to your "mail-away" pharmacy. Skyvision Centers has been doing this for 2 weeks now, and it's working very well!

In order for us to send your prescriptions, new or renewed, we have to have your permission. When you come to see us our reception staff will ask you to sign a form that allows us to send your prescriptions electronically. If you don't sign we cannot send them. Most pharmacies, both big chains and local, and most send-away pharmacies are participating in this plan.

Why do it? Why have us send your prescriptions by e-Rx? Well, they get there right away. They are more accurate. There is no confusion at the pharmacy about what we ordered. No one has to read the doctors' handwriting. You don't have to carry a piece of paper!

Welcome to e-Rx, the next step in our EMR at Skyvision Centers, added to our services to better care for you and your eyes.

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