Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Enhancing Your Game! Start With Your Brain and RevitalVision!!

Skyvision Centers is about to embark on a Sports Vision Quest! Imagine how good you could be, how well you would play your game if your eye-hand coordination was better, and if you could see better! No matter what your game might be.

Our eyes collect visual data, but we actually SEE with our BRAINS. Think of your brain as the computer, the control center where all of the vision cues you collect are analyzed and then put into action. If you see better, you will play better.

RevitalVision is a program to improve your visual "control center". It works by taking advantage of something called NEURAL PLASTICITY, your brain's ability to change and adapt. With RevitalVision we open new neural pathways that exist in a "sleeping" state right next to the ones you have been using all of your life. It's like adding one or two or three additional computers to every task you do. Imagine how much faster all of your work would go! That's how RevitalVision works.

You can do RevitalVision's Sport program RIGHT NOW! The gains you make in vision will then be there when Skyvision Centers begins to offer other Sports Vision programs. Give us a call and let's get going on being a better athlete!!

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