Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thinking about Dry Eye

Did you know that Dry Eye is the most frequently searched eye care term on Google? Isn't that amazing? With all of the stuff that we read about in the news (like LASIK), and all of the more well-known medical problems (like Glaucoma), the thing that gets the most search requests is DRY EYE!

Why is that, do you think? Well, here at Skyvision we have a few thoughts on that. First, it's INCREDIBLY common. Lots and lots of folks have symptoms that are from dryness in their eyes. Things like burning, scratchiness, discharge (you know...eye "winkers"), and blurred vision that comes and goes can all be caused by dryness. Even tearing can be caused by dry eye, and dry eye may be the most common cause of tearing.

Another reason why Dry Eye is searched for so frequently is because it's hard to get answers about your symptoms. It takes a long time to tell all of your symptoms in the doctor's office, and then it can be really hard to make the diagnosis. We know, because in Cleveland the doctors at Skyvision Centers are often the 3rd, 4th, or even 5th stop for people suffering from Dry Eye!

Well, WE hear you! We've turned ourselves into Dry Eye EXPERTS! Stay tuned as we talk about some of the true Dry Eye breakthroughs at Skyvision.

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