Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bifocal Contact Lenses and RevitalVision!

A recent article in the optometric literature cautions against wearing bifocal, multi-focal contact lenses and driving at night. The article goes on to explain that the focusing mechanism of the bifocal contact lenses decreases the "contrast sensitivity" of the people who wear them, and suggests that they wear regular, distance-only lenses at night.

We understand the concerns of the authors, but at Skyvision we also understand that it is important to provide the best vision possible in the simplest way you can. Multiple contact lens prescriptions for day and night use? Sure...if you are having lots of problems. But there's a better way!

Contrast sensitivity is the part of vision that determines how sharp or crisp images are. Like everything else the first part of contrast sensitivity is focusing light, in this case with a bifocal contact lens. Part 2 is processing the image in the brain, and here's where RevitalVision comes in! The RevitalVision Low Myopia and Sport programs are designed to increase contrast sensitivity! In all of the studies to date people who do this computer-based vision training program get at least a DOUBLING of their contrast sensitivity!

People see images that are TWICE as sharp and crisp after doing RevitalVision.

All of the doctors at Skyvision Centers in Westlake are fans of bifocal and multi-focal contact lenses. Most people have not difficulty with night vision, but everyone who wears them will see even better with RevitalVision!

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