Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy LASIK Anniversary, Dr. White!

It's been 11 years since Dr. White had LASIK surgery on his eyes! Happy Anniversary, Dr. White!

"LASIK is one of the nicest things I've ever done for myself," he says. "My friend Dr. Dave Hardten (who taught me how to do LASIK!) did my surgery 11 years ago. What a difference!"

Dr. White had worn Gas Permeable (hard) contact lenses for almost 30 years before his LASIK. "I broke 12 pairs of glasses in 12 months playing basketball in Jr. High and my Dad, who made glasses for a living, strongly 'suggested' I try contacts. They got me through all of my sports, including playing football in college."

Like many people who have had LASIK, Dr. White is now wearing reading glasses. He had his surgery at age 39 so he knew that his years of no glasses at all would be short. "I only need to wear my reading glasses in the morning and at night, so I'm STILL glasses-free in the office every day!"

Did you know that the VISX laser is the most widely used LASIK laser in the U.S.? Dr. White actually performed the very first VISX laser LASIK in Cleveland all the way back in 1994!!. Come visit us in Westlake and see if you are a candidate for LASIK. Talk to the doc who has been using the VISX laser longer than anyone else in Cleveland and ask him how HIS eyes are doing!!

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