Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Contact Lens Cardinal Rules

We are HUGE fans of contact lenses here at Skyvision Centers! Like most really good things, though, there are some rules to follow in order to get the most out of your contacts. Here are our "Cardinal Rules"!

1) Everyone who wears contact lenses needs to have a back up pair of glasses that they can wear to do regular things like drive a car. The biggest risk factor for complications from wearing contacts is actually not owning a pair of glasses because people who don't will continue to wear contacts when they shouldn't!

2) Everyone who wears contact lenses needs to see someone who knows how to examine the front of the eye at least once every year. There can be hidden complications or problems caused by your contacts that can only gbe picked up by an eye doctor during an examination.

3) If you have a red or a painful eye you need to take your contact lenses out and bring your contacts AND YOUR EYE to that same eye doctor who knows what they are doing!

Dr. White likes today that there is a rule "3 1/2" for kids: no kid should where a contact lens overnight! No matter what type of contact lens is prescribed a child should sleep WITHOUT wearing contact lenses.

And there you go! Cardinal rules for safe and happy contact lens wear courtesy of Skyvision Centers.

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