Monday, February 28, 2011

Fittest Eye Doc Challenge Update

We've heard lots of fun feedback from around the country from eye docs and just plain fitness folks about Dr White's "Fittest Eye Doc in America" Challenge. Everyone is having a blast doing it, and there have been some out-of-this-world results like Jeff Martin and his 228! Dr. White will be doing it again in a week or so here in Cleveland with a couple of former college athletes in their 20's. Be careful there, Dr. White! Don't let the young'uns hurt you!

A pretty consistent thing we have been hearing is how difficult it is turning out to be to get busy eye doctors to be able to carve out time at their convention to do a face-to-face challenge in San Diego. We certainly understand. Let's make this post a "call to action": if you think you can make a Challenge workout at 1:00PM on the Sunday of ASCRS in San Diego post a note here.

Now, if we can't pull off an extravaganza that's no big deal. Just send in your results here or on the Skyvision Centers Facebook page. We'll publish videos, too, on our Youtube channel: Skyvisioncenters105. And if you invite Dr. White to speak in your home town he will FOR SURE go head-to-head with you on the challenge while he's in town!

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