Friday, January 6, 2012

Over 40 Eyes

My arms are too short! I need more light to read! I never had to wear glasses for my entire life -- why do I have to wear glasses now?!

Over 40 eyes, otherwise known as presbyopia, is what happens to us when we get older. Even people who have had perfect vision of the course of their life we'll eventually need some help seen things up close. It's just a part of getting older, as natural as a teenage boy growing out of his sneakers. The only way to avoid it is to check out, and that's pretty lousy strategy!

When we focus on things up close three things happen. First, our eyes come closer together. Next, our pupils get smaller. Finally, the lens inside our eyes gets fatter. The whole process is called accommodation. We accommodate to see things up close throughout our entire life. Kids have massive powers of accommodation, but we slowly lose this power as we get older.

Somewhere in our late 30s or early 40s the muscles inside our eyes get a little weaker in the lens inside our eyes gets a little harder. This makes it more difficult for us to see things up close. People who are hyperopic, or farsighted, actually have to use their powers of accommodation for all of their vision, even seen things a mile away. Folks like this often end up in reading glasses much earlier than the rest of us.

So what do we do? Well, even we wear those cheapo glasses we buy the drugstore, or we get a personalized pair of reading glasses, or we wear bifocals (See Here)! Some of us even choose to have surgery, replacing our natural lenses with implants like the Crystalens. We'll talk lots more about this as time goes on.

So if you are having trouble reading this maybe you should come see us at Skyvision Centers!

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