Sunday, May 2, 2010

How Does The Eye Work?

How does the eye Work?

Over on our YouTube channel  we have a new series called "At the Dr. Whiteboard." Check it out! Pretty soon there'll be a video up that explains how our eyes work, and how it is that we actually see. Let's introduce that topic here and do a little review

Vision is kind of like filming a TV show. Our eyes act like the television camera, gathering images. The optic nerve works like the fiber optic cable that carries information from the television camera back to the computers in the production room. Those computers are very much like the back of our brain, the occipital cortex, where vision actually occurs.

So vision is actually a combination of three separate processes: focusing and capturing an image, changing that image into a series of electrical impulses that are then transmitted to the brain, and then processing those electrical impulses to re-create the image that we "see." Historically the majority of eye care has been dedicated to improving focusing, improving our ability to capture images. Cataract surgery, LASIK surgery, even something as simple as a pair of glasses allows us to create a sharp image.

Over time will talk a lot about these and other topics, as well as the exciting new vision processing programs like RevitalVision.

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